Being a cast member at Walt Disney World gave me the unique experience of creating magic for families every day. While on the Walt Disney World College Program, I worked at the very popular Disney attraction: Space Mountain.

Disney managers encourage cast members to create “magical moments” with Disney park guests as a way of giving families a special memory they will remember for years to come. Space Mountain cast members will sometimes wait at the unload station and select a random guest to be an Honorary Space Pilot for the day. This means that this guest and their family get to ride Space Mountain all over again with absolutely no wait and they receive a Honorary Space Pilot certificate. image3While doing this task one day, I selected a family who was from England. The family was so excited and the little girl even started crying tears of joy. I brought them up past the 2 hour line and called the cast member at the load station to save a rocket for our special family from England. The mother and father thanked me over and over again and said that this moment made their trip, especially since Space Mountain is one of their favorite attractions at Magic Kingdom. The looks on their faces made me realize how truly special and honored I was to be working for Mickey Mouse and at the most magical place on earth. This is how Disney treats their guests and why guests continue to vacation at Disney resorts.