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I love helping families plan their own Disney vacations, and making sure kids (especially with special needs) have the most magical time possible. This is my calling in life! After working with a wonderful travel agency for over five years, the most exciting thing happened: my husband got a job in Orlando, and we moved to Disney (well, almost.) I realized I could have my own niche of being in the “Middle of the Magic” planning Disney vacations – and so Middle of the Magic Travel was born.

The Halcyon has flown its final mission


Written by: Traci Elswick, Agency Owner, Cruise Ambassador & Starcruiser Specialist You probably already heard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser is closing its doors September 30, 2023. So, by the time you read this, the Halcyon will have flown its [...]

The Halcyon has flown its final mission2023-10-03T00:47:05-04:00

Traveling to Walt Disney World Solo With Your Toddler


Written by: Hillary Gelinas Social Media Manager Senior Travel Planner   Contemplating a solo trip with your Toddler!? Well, I am here to help take the unknown stress away with some tips I learned during my first solo trip with my [...]

Traveling to Walt Disney World Solo With Your Toddler2023-06-23T01:47:59-04:00

Farewell New Friend


Written by: Traci and Joel Elswick  Just a little over a year since the opening of the Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser Disney announced out of the blue yesterday that it will be taking its final voyage September 28-30, 2023. [...]

Farewell New Friend2023-05-19T14:17:25-04:00

Park Hopping Tips


Written by: Hillary Gelinas, Senior Travel Planner  Are you thinking of Park Hopper Tickets for your next Disney Trip? Great! Thats where we come in. We have a few tips to maximize your park day at multiple Disney parks! See [...]

Park Hopping Tips2023-04-20T18:17:31-04:00

Electronic Conveyance Vehicle (ECV)


Written by: Roselle Baran, Travel Planner   Never thought I’d be booking an ) for myself or my family.  But life happens and sciatica can be brutal.  Didn’t even think about cancelling a recent Disney World trip, that would never happen.  So [...]

Electronic Conveyance Vehicle (ECV)2023-03-30T15:05:54-04:00

Super Nintendo World


Written by: Nicole Hickey, Senior Travel Planner  Want to live out your gaming dreams? Look no further than Super Nintendo World located in Universal Hollywood Studios. New and old fans alike will enjoy all of the interactive features and special [...]

Super Nintendo World2023-03-23T11:22:17-04:00

Raglan Road Review


Written by: Kelli Sparks, Travel Planner When most people think of dining in and around Disney World, you may not think about Raglan Road at Disney Springs, but I am about to change that! Raglan Road is the perfect choice [...]

Raglan Road Review2023-03-16T13:24:53-04:00

Traveling to Disney With a Large Group


Are you looking to go to Disney World with a large group, like your best friends or extended family, but overwhelmed or stressed? That is where we come in at Middle of the Magic Travel!! We can help plan every [...]

Traveling to Disney With a Large Group2023-02-23T13:33:23-05:00

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Review


Kelli Sparks, (from the eyes of a 1st time cruiser) As a first time cruiser, all of my feelings rested on nervousness because I was venturing into the unknown! However, from the second we arrived at Port Canaveral and I [...]

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Review2023-02-03T14:27:11-05:00

Training for the Dopey Challenge


Written by: Erika Stubbs, Middle of the Magic Travel The Dopey Challenge, the ultimate RunDisney event...48.6 miles over 4 days. Why would anyone do this? To explain my WHY, and tell you about my training journey, let me take you [...]

Training for the Dopey Challenge2023-01-25T16:05:09-05:00
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