Miranda Reynolds Orlando Travel Planner 

Christmas at Disney is one of the most magical and beautiful times to visit the parks. I still remember my first trip to Walt Disney World at Christmas time. It was my very first time to visit the magic and I couldn’t imagine my first time being any other time of year. So, when I became a mom, I just HAD to take my daughter to Walt Disney World for her first trip at Christmas! Now, is Christmas one of the busiest times of year to visit? Absolutely! But, if you have the perfect guide like one of our Middle of the Magic Travel Agents, then you can have a stress-free and one of the most memorable vacations!

When I booked my daughter’s first Walt Disney World trip at Disney we traveled from December 26 till January 3>span class=”s5″>rd. We stayed at POP Century Resort which is my family’s favorite resort on property! It has the accommodation of the DisneySkyliner which offers quick access to Hollywood Studios and Epcot. It also is one of the better values on property with deluxe transportation access! This helped us rope drop the early morning hours to maximize our time in the parks to beat the crowds which is the best strategy when wanting to navigate the high crowds in the parks at Christmas.

We would plan our park days by which parks we wanted to rope drop and which parks would have later park hours to access the lowest wait times for rides. Of course, to maximize your time in the parks Genie+ will be your best friend. Booking Lightning Lanes will allow you to by-pass the standby lines so you can enjoy your time in the parks must easier and faster. Your travel agent will help guide and coach you on how to use the Genie+ system to your advantage on your vacation at high peak times. Your travel agent will also be there to book those hard-to-get dining reservations 60 days out, so you don’t have to worry about reservation availability during your stay. Especially booking those special character meals your littles will be so excited for. The character meals will help save time from waiting in those meet and greet lines, so you can focus on other experiences.

The first time my daughter walked down Main Street and saw all the Christmas décor and the castle was one of the most magical moments of my life! I couldn’t imagine any other time being her first-time seeing Cinderella’s Castle. Even with the crowds we were able to do everything we wanted along with meeting all the characters my daughter wanted to see. Don’t let the anxiety of high crowds at Christmas detour you from traveling to the Magic during the holidays. It truly is a the most wonderful time of year to go.

It’s once a year you can see the gingerbread houses at the resorts and walk the Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs. Along with getting to meet Santa Clause in the Magic Kingdom!!

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