I recently had the chance to meet up with a few of my fellow agents at Middle of the Magic Travel for a long weekend at the most magical place on earth. We’ll call it “job research”. But we actually do take our jobs (whether we do it full-time or part-time) very seriously and enjoy being able to try out “new to us” things at Disney World so we can offer our clients top notch service.

On this particular trip, we decided to head over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to go on the Wild Africa Trek and it did NOT disappoint. It turned out to be one of the best things I’ve experienced at the parks.

Here are my top 5 reasons to splurge on this amazing tour (in no particular order):

1. The Tour Guides

We got two amazing tour guides who traveled with us. They were extremely knowledgeable, and super funny and entertaining. They also took TONS of pictures for us…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

2. The Adventure

When you first get to the tour, you get fitted with safety gear (vests and harnesses) because you do hike through some terrain, cross over TWO swinging bridges – no worries you’re secured with that harness they fitted you with – and you get pretty up close and personal with some of the animals – including by not limited to hippos, and crocodiles.

3. The Food

Halfway through the tour (did I mention it’s a 3-hour tour…), we stopped at a small building with a deck that was decked out with tables and chairs and ceiling fans (it was super-hot, so this was a highlight) where we ate what I would have to say was the best meal I had all weekend long. Not only was it served in a super cute individual tin, but they were amazing at catering to our allergies (included but not limited to gluten free and dairy free).

4. The Experience

There were only 9 of us on the tour, so if you’re looking for an escape from the crowd, this is your ticket! It was really nice to get away and just enjoy being on the safari with a small group.

5. The Extras

Ok, so it’s not really “extras” per say because it’s included in the cost of the tour, but we got some great souvenirs to take home, including a steel water canteen, a limited-edition button, and the best part – remember those pictures I mentioned earlier? You get access to all of the pictures that the tour guides snapped along the way and they are professional quality.IMG_9796

I can’t say enough about this tour – I truly think it’s worth the extra money to experience. You can contact your travel agent with Middle of the Magic Travel for help in getting this booked for your next magical vacation!