As an Annual Passholder, I was able to experience a preview of Pandora – The World of Avatar this past Saturday at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Pandora: World of Avatar will open to the public on May 27, 2017. I was so excited to be a part of the press event preview May 23-25, 2017 and now even more excited I was able to attend the Passholder preview on May 13, 2017 to see it even sooner!

As we ventured into the world of Pandora it was absolutely breathtaking. As we entered the valley of Mo’ara, we encountered the floating mountains and spotted the colorful vegetation. Everything was very authentic and it really felt like you were walking into the movie Avatar.

We were given fast passes for Flight of Passage from 11:30AM to 11:45AM. In the meantime, we headed over towards Na’vi River Journey. The boat ride was full of amazing colors as we glided down the river seeing the glowing plants of the bioluminescence rainforest. The highlight of our journey was the life sized Na’vi Shaman of Songs towards the end of the attraction. She is scaled after the Na’vi nearly 10 foot tall and definitely was a breathtaking sight!

Then we were off to ride a Banshee on the Flight of Passage. Journeying up to the Flight of Passage, it was amazing to see the floating mountains, waterfalls and all of the vibrant colors and vegetation. It was truly an immersive experience.

Before we could ride the Banshee, we had to get linked to our Avatar in a short Preshow. It was sensational to see the silhouettes appear on the screen that are actually the people inside the room. Who wouldn’t want to be an Na’vi? Next you go to pre-show room that introduces how the ride system works.

Before you know it, you’re riding on the back of a Banshee over the clouds of Pandora! This experience is so authentic and realistic you can even feel the Banshee breathing against you. I think this is a ride with the mixtures of Soarin, Star Tours and dare I say the word Harry Potter. I’m not going to give up too many details because we want all of our clients to be surprised. Just know that this is a must do attraction and better than any attraction we have ever encountered at any theme park! The Flight of Passage will be truly like no other and has to be experienced!!

After the attraction, you are lead into a gift shop where you can connect with your own Banshee or create your own Avatar figure. There are several really fantastic souvenirs to remind you of your visit to the World of Pandora.

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