Summer heat, you either love it or hate it (as for myself I am the latter option) and unless you’re Olaf with your own personal flurry to keep you cool, you might find yourself melting in the hot summer sun. Last summer, I went to Disneyland in California in July where I experienced heat like no other and I also have been to Walt Disney World in May which was also very hot to say the least. Nonetheless, both trips were still just as amazing thanks to some useful tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years. So, don’t worry if you have a Disney trip planned for the summer months because there are plenty of ways make the most of your vacation. With that being said, here is a guide to beating the heat and staying energized in the summer heat.

Bring refillable water bottles and take advantage of the free cups of water at any quick service location.
Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty you have already lost about 1% of your body water? The heat can cause you to dehydrate even quicker which can then cause fatigue and we absolutely cannot be fatigued at Disney World. That is why it’s extremely important to stay hydrated when you’re walking around outside all day in the Florida or California heat. While there is Dasani water available throughout the parks, bringing your own refillable water bottle significantly reduces the amount of waste and saves your wallet. Free cups of water are also available at any quick service location so don’t forget to take advantage of that as well. Oh, and did I mention the free water cups come with ice?

Dress smart!
What I mean by this is to dress in a way that you can remove/add articles of clothing for the changes in temperature throughout the day and to also wear thin, light colored clothing. I learned the hard way that the morning chill in Florida quickly fades into 90 degrees and the 100-degree temperatures in Anaheim, California plummet as soon as the sun goes down. My suggestion is to bring some sort of jacket that can easily be tied around your waist or put into a backpack. I would not, however, suggest wearing pants unless they’re thin and breathable. Light layers are the way to go! You have to be smarter than the heat!

Take advantage of Disney World’s 2 waterparks (and water rides at the parks).
Water parks are a great way to cool off and a 1-Day ticket to Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach can be purchased for just $69! You can also get the Park Hopper Plus Option which allows you to go to multiple parks and attractions within the same day as well as the 2 water parks (there are limitations to this, but feel free to contact Middle of the Magic Travel if you have any questions). I have been to both water parks and I absolutely love them! The water slides give just as much of a thrill as the roller coasters within the parks. Speaking of the parks, Walt Disney World (WDW) and Disneyland also have several rides that really and I mean really help combat the heat. Splash Mountain at both WDW and Disneyland and Grizzly River Run at Disneyland will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to get back out into the sun. Warning: You will get soaked on these rides!

Rest, Rest, and more rest!
Would now be a good time to mention that I once took about a 20-minute nap on a bench at Disneyland? Yes, this is true and yes, it was a great nap. Now, of course I’m not saying you need to take a nap like I did, but a good rest under some shade or inside will cool you down and help you to recharge for the rest of your time at the park. Along with resting throughout the day it’s also really important to get plenty of rest at night as well! Getting enough sleep at night will give you the energy you need to walk 13 miles a day which by the way is what the average guest walks per DAY at Disney World! Crazy right?

Remember you can come and go whenever you please..
Not wanting to purchase a park hopper? No problem, you can still leave the park you’re at for the day and return to your resort or hotel and make use of the pools! I have found that this is a great way to beat the heat and break up your day if it’s getting to be too hot. I used to be completely against leaving the park once I was in, but I have come to learn that just because you leave to take a break doesn’t mean you’ve wasted a day. When you’re hot, you’re hot, so don’t torture yourself with the heat. It’s okay to spend some time by the refreshing pool (you’re paying for that too after all) for an hour or two and head back to the park for the rest of the day. Also, keep in mind that Disney offers Extra Magic Hours depending on the day so relaxing for a bit can ensure that you are able to stay later without being too tired!

Honorable mention
And the honorable mention award goes to… the Mickey Mouse and Friends Disney Parks Misting Fan! While not a necessity, these things really get the job done and never have I regretted purchasing one. There’s just something magical about these things… pixie dust perhaps? Whatever it is, it works and I’m forever grateful for them. You can find them for $20.65 at any of the gift shops within the park (you can thank me later).

And there you have it, that was my ultimate guide for making the most of your time and beating the heat at Disney World or Disneyland. When Middle of the Magic plans your trip, we unfortunately cannot plan the weather, but that’s okay because there are plenty of ways to still have a magical vacation despite the summer heat. Stay hydrated, keep cool, get some rest, and most of all HAVE FUN!