When you think of Disney World you may think of Mickey Mouse and Cinderella’s Castle, but what about the things you don’t see? Here are five interesting facts that you probably don’t know about Disney World!

1. Secret tunnels
Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has a system of underground tunnels which includes a cafeteria, a barber shop, and a ginormous costume closet. It has walkways to key locations in the park so characters can get from place to place without ruining the magic. After all, it would be kind of strange to see Buzz Lightyear in Frontierland don’t you think?

2. It would take 68 years to stay in every room on Disney Property
When Disney says they give their guests the chance to make “memories that last a lifetime” they aren’t kidding. It would take you approximately 68 years to stay in each and every one of the guest rooms that make up Disney’s hotels and resorts. They need all the rooms they can get with Disney World’s annual average of attendance equaling a whopping 52 million guests! Crazy right?

3. No gum…
I don’t know about you, but stepping in gum can almost completely ruin any day (and a nice pair of shoes) and we can’t have ruined days at the happiest place on earth. So, what did Disney do to keep this from happening to its guests? They don’t sell gum in any of the parks. Disney really does think of everything.

4. Smellitizers
No one wants to smell garbage or other not-so-magical scents while they’re walking around Disney’s theme parks, so that’s why Disney has “smellitizers” placed strategically throughout the park to not only mask any bad smells, but also to match the attraction you may be at. Some of the best examples of this are on the ride Soarin’ at Epcot where you can experience the smell of grass as you fly over Mount Kilimanjaro, and mouth-watering scents of fresh baked pastries while you walk down Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom.

5. Hidden Mickeys
Did you know that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Mickeys hidden within almost every location on Disney’s property? While no one knows the exact number of Mickeys, over 1,000 have been recorded. Trying to find hidden Mickeys all around the Disney Parks and Resorts has become a fun game for its guests (my own family included), so next time you make the trip to the most magical place in the world, keep your eye out for those iconic ears.
These interesting facts plus so many more are what make Disney World one of the most iconic attractions in the world. Disney puts so much careful consideration into every little thing to make sure its guests have the most magical experience possible which is what makes Disney so special. Just reading this makes me want to pack my bags and head to Disney World!

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