Written by: Hillary Gelinas Social Media Manager Senior Travel Planner  

Contemplating a solo trip with your Toddler!? Well, I am here to help take the unknown stress away with some tips I learned during my first solo trip with my two-year-old!

1) SNACKS! Make sure to have lots of snacks on hand, and of course plenty of water to keep them hydrated! [free water fill up stations are located throughout property]

2) Keep your kiddo’s schedule. If they nap at noon, make sure to let them nap! Everyone will benefit as kiddo will be well rested and in a good mood and in turn you will be too!

3) Purchase Genie +! This helped a lot with being solo in lines with my daughter as it’s hard to keep them occupied sometimes. So, keeping minimal wait times for you both is key! If you do have to wait in lines…make sure to have snacks or small toys handy as that will keep them entertained until it’s your turn to ride!

4) Purchase Memory Maker so you BOTH are in the photos! I purchased it and it was the best decision! I have so many professional photos with both of us in the photo and I’m so thankful for that!

5) Pack your patience!! Kids will be kids. Doesn’t matter where you are. Remember Disney can be overstimulating at times and give them grace. And remember HAVE FUN and make the memories with your kiddo!

It’s worth it ❤️