Written by: Traci Elswick, Agency Owner, Cruise Ambassador & Starcruiser Specialist

You probably already heard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser is closing its doors September 30, 2023. So, by the time you read this, the Halcyon will have flown its final mission.

Although, I totally don’t understand why Disney is closing down this unique, amazing, interactive experience. I will continue to hope that things even more amazing will happen with Star Wars in the future. I believed in this project so much that we created a division of our travel agency Three Suns Travel. With Three Suns we focused on creating unique back stories for our clients, cosplay and bounding ideas, offering Galactic credits, and we had first-hand experience of traveling the Starcruiser. Although we still plan on offering backstory help and costuming ideas, we are totally bummed our vision got cut short with Three Suns.

What do we do now that we don’t have the Starcruiser to look forward to? Here are a few ideas to keep the Starcruiser alive within you.

1. Download Star Wars, The Galactic Starcruiser Album on Apple Music. Featuring our favorite Galactic Superstar Gaya! This album will remind you of your Night with Gaya, the Galactic superstar she is.

2. Recreate some of the unique food and drinks from Sublight lounge. Hoth Icebreaker anyone?

3. Visit Batuu on both coasts. It was always such a unique experience to visit Batuu as a guest at the Starcruiser . Maybe make it a point to spend your whole day in Batuu. You can do missions on the Play Disney app, eating the “local” cuisine and shop the marketplace and Doc Ondars. You can also watch the shows. Look closely because you may see some of your Starcruiser favorites as locals of Batuu. We’ve heard that one of our Gaya’s will be working at Savi’s and our favorite Raithe Kole will be a lieutenant in Batuu. There is also great character spotting as well. Don’t forget to build a droid or light saber and reminisce on your time on the Starcruiser. Wasn’t the lightsaber training the best!

4. Make a slide show of all your photos and videos. That way you can watch whenever you start missing the Starcruiser. The memories are forever.

5. Follow some of great Starcruiser groups on Facebook. The even have a post voyage support group. That way you know you’re not alone with your struggle.

6. Cosplay or bound as your character on Starcruiser and go to Comic Cons. This is one of our new favorite things to do. We’ve even met some fellow Starcruiser travelers.

7. Have a Star Wars movie marathon. Who doesn’t love the watch the original trilogy!

8. Follow some of your favorite Starcruiser Cast Members on Instagram. This has been a big one for us since our last voyage. It’s heartwarming to see how they have connected with their characters. Some are even couples in real life!

9. Watch all your new favorite Star Wars series on Disney+! Have you seen the new Ashoka series? It’s amazing!

10. Play Sabbac with your fellow Star Wars fans! We feel in love with Sabbac our first voyage and enjoy playing it especially when we are on vacation.

Honestly, I’m trying to come to grips with we may never see Gaya, Sandro, Ouannii, Raithe, Lieutenant Croy and the rest of this amazing cast. They put their whole heart in creating a space where everyone can feel comfortable to live out their Star Wars story without worrying about being judged or embarrassment. They created a Star Wars community that will live on beyond the Starcruiser closure.


It was a good journey. One that I will be forever grateful for. Together as one