Written by: Hillary Gelinas, Senior Travel Planner 

Are you thinking of Park Hopper Tickets for your next Disney Trip? Great! Thats where we come in. We have a few tips to maximize your park day at multiple Disney parks!

See below for our top park hopping tips!

•Start the day with early access [as a resort guest] you get into the parks 30 minutes before general admission. This helps save time waiting in lines and money by riding those popular rides and you do not have to purchase that Individual Lightning Lane.

•Start at the park that opens the earliest and park hop to the park that is open later that way you get the most time for your money and most time you can in the Disney parks.

•Use genie+! If you purchase genie+, you can use that service at all parks you go to that day. Genie+ can help plan your day more efficiently and get to do more attractions you are interested in.

•Use alternative transportation such as the monorail and Skyliner to go between parks. They are fun way to get to other parks and most times, quicker than waiting for a bus.

•Comfortable shoes are a MUST. Make sure to have shoes you have broken in, ahead of your trip. With Park Hopping you will be doing a lot of walking and you don’t want to get blisters of get sore with the wrong shoes.

If you do not have your next Disney Vacation booked yet…you are in luck! Contact us today and we will get you assigned to a Middle of the Magic Travel Agent and start planning your magical trip ASAP! 🙂