Goofy’s kitchen is an all out good time that will be fun for the entire family. Goofy has some interesting food options on his menu that he serves for you including the creative pizza selection. If creative food and seeing the fab 5 is something your family would like to experience, Goofys kitchen is offered for breakfast, brunch and dinner.
Located in the Disneyland Hotel just outside of Downtown Disney District and an easy walk back to the parks after your meal. Reservations for Goofy’s Kitchen open 60 days prior. Making reservations for dining experiences is what we at Middle of the Magic Travel do for no extra cost when you book your Disneyland vacation with us, just make sure to tell your agent that you would like to book Minnie and Friends breakfast on your Disneyland vacation. Tip: On arrival day this is a great diner option to get your group excited for what’s to come at the parks.
The food is among the best for character meals not just for flavor and options but because of the unique offerings. Goofy’s kitchen is known for the PB&J pizza. Tip: Grab a few plates of what your group likes and then serve family style during your meal, so you don’t miss a favorite character. The pickiest eaters will find something they enjoy, trust me I know! For breakfast and brunch the options are creating your own omelet, Mickey Mouse pancakes and waffles, sausage, eggs, pastries, fruit, French toast, bacon, muffins, desserts, chicken nuggets and ice cream. The dinner menu is the best food selection including meats, vegetables, fruit, desserts, fish, salads, hot dogs, mac and cheese and ice cream.
Let’s talk about the characters that you see during Goofy’s Kitchen. You see Goofy before you go into your meal and take pictures with him. There is a photopass photographer there and if you have MaxPass those photos will appear later in the day. During your meal, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip and Dale cycle around the restaurant for interactions. Tip: Always have your character signing material ready and open. If you have a signature book and clickable sharpie pen always have them open and sharpie in reach. Have cameras ready to snap cute interactions! The character interactions are longer then normal and special which I think is why the price tag is higher for Goofy’s Kitchen as with seeing all the Fab 5’s. I celebrated my birthday at Goofy’s Kitchen and cast members came and sang Happy Birthday to me and Mickey came and gave me a cupcake. It was very special, and the atmosphere brings out the kid in you every time.
On the day of your reservation make sure to be at the Disneyland Hotel with your name and reservation number. This will all be in your Disneyland account if the cast member has any trouble finding your reservation. You will pay first; current prices are for breakfast is $56 per adult plus tax and $33 per child plus tax. Dinner prices are $61 per adult plus tax and children prices are $36 plus tax. You will go take pictures with Goofy in his kitchen and wait to be seated by a waiter. Waiters grab your drinks for you after you. The characters will be roaming around and will stop at your table, no need to try and catch them or wave them down. Enjoy the atmosphere, those sitting around the table with you and make lasting memories.
If you are celebrating something special and would like a cake for your dining experience, let your Middle of the Magic agent know and we can get that all set up for you. Cakes are $45 plus tax and will be charged to your meal ticket. There are also options for custom cakes and allergy friendly cakes, just ask your agent.