By Senior Agent Hillary Gelinas

Do you want to bring your family to Disney but nervous to bring you little ones? Well, you are in luck! We have the tips and tricks to tackle your vacation with infants and toddlers.

First things first, is what to pack! Below are my must need items:

1.) Some of your child’s favorite toys, and some new ones for the plane ride and hotel room. The favorite toys are great comfort items for your child, while the new toys will get them excited for the trip ahead.
2.) SNACKS. Snacks are key. Bring more than you think you will need; you will not regret that.
3.) The Busy Baby mat has been a lifesaver for my family. It is a silicon matt that has suction cup to attach to the table. You can attach toys to it and they can’t throw them on the ground. While at meals, your baby will be occupied and can eat off the mat, then can be wiped down easily!
4.) A sound machine for naps, and nighttime. I have a portable, battery powered one. That way we can bring it to the parks and attach it to the stroller.
5.) A stroller fan for those hot Florida days!
6.) A stroller rain cover for those freak rain storms that happen a lot in Florida!!

Here are some tips to tackle the parks:

1.) The Baby Care Centers are your FRIENDS. Each park has one. It is a quiet spot to breastfeed and feed your baby a bottle, clean and comfy changing tables, a spot to relax if your kiddo is napping, and any necessitates for purchase that you may need. You can find diapers, wipes, snacks, extra clothing, and over the counter medicine for purchase.
2.) You can baby wear on the majority of “no height requirement’ rides! You can also bring those kiddos on your lap too, whatever you are the most comfortable with.
3.) Go with the flow!! Toddlers and infants are unpredictable. If your kiddo is sleepy, let them nap and you can stroll around the parks, maybe relax on the hub grass in front of the Castle!
4.) Use Rider Switch when available! That way all guests in your party that can ride a ride and do not have to wait double the time to ride.
5.) Get lots of photos of the whole family with Photo Pass photographers. You got to capture those special memories, with all of you in it!

If you are hoping to take you toddler or infant to Disney, do not fret. Middle of the Magic Travel is here to help plan so you can enjoy your time with your little ones.

Ready to plan with your infant/ toddler? Contact us to start planning today!