When most people first hear the word, “Disney,” no doubt their minds go to an imaginary world where true love’s kiss can fix everything and cute little animals are all too willing to clean your house and be your best friend. However, if you are like me, when we hear the word, “Disney,” our minds go to a very different place. A place where apples are poisoned and curses are placed upon unsuspecting princesses.

No matter where your first thoughts take you, Disney’s Villains After Hours at Magic Kingdom is sure to be lots of fun! I was able to experience this event last summer with my 12-year-old daughter and it was deliciously wicked! What’s even better is that for select nights starting February 7, 2020, Disney is bringing it back!

We chose to attend this special ticketed event on a Magic Kingdom park day, but even if you choose to attend on a non-park day, you can get admission to the park at 7pm. You are free to ride rides or otherwise enjoy the park until official start time-usually 10pm. Once the party starts, get ready for 3 hours of villainous fun! Be sure not to miss the exclusive stage show hosted by none other than Hades himself! Be on the look out for appearances for other favorite villains including Evil Queen and Jafar. The show features special music and projections on the castle. It is spectacular!

Adding to the atmosphere is monstrous music playing throughout the park as well as a DJ near the castle who hosts a fabulous ghoulish dance party! We enjoyed complimentary popcorn, ice cream, and bottles of soda and water. They are available at multiple carts throughout the parks. In addition, be sure to try some of the exclusive treats available for purchase at various locations in the park. Some specialty treats include Painting the Roses Red, Poor Unfortunate Soul, and Hades hot dogs! Delicious and Devilish! My daughter and I may have indulged in more than a few sweet snacks!

The highlight of the evening was watching Maleficent Dragon sneaking her way through the park with her clan of villainous henchmen!There is ominous music playing warning of her impending arrival. Just when you least expect it, she starts breathing fire! This happens on multiple occasions throughout the evening. Make it a point to see it first hand! It’s a completely different experience at night than during the daytime parade!

In addition to the awesome added special events, don’t forget about the rides! Since there are limited tickets sold for this event, most rides have very little wait! We were able to ride Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain twice, 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, Journey of the Little Mermaid, Peter Pan’s Flight, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain (both with special updates only available at Villains After Hours), and more!

We also came home with some exclusive Villains After Hours merchandise which can be found at multiple stores in the park only during the party hours. And don’t forget to stop for special themed photopass photographers scattered throughout the park. This is a great opportunity to get extra use out of your Memory Maker! We made sure to get a picture in front of the castle all decked out in it’s villainous best!

At the end of the evening (1am!), several villains are on hand above the Main Street Train Station bidding guests farewell as only a villain can. We were able to see Queen of Hearts, Evil Queen, Gaston, Captain Hook, Lady Tremaine, Cruella de Vil, and several others! They cannot do personal meet-and-greets, but they do interact quite a lot with the crowd below. Don’t be afraid to interact back…though I do not recommend accepting an apple!

We finally found our resort bus and poured ourselves into bed about 2:30 am. Though it was a very long day (and night!) at Magic Kingdom, the memories made with my daughter at Villains After Hours are by far a favorite from our trip. Contact a Middle of the Magic agent ASAP to get your Villains After Hours tickets…if you dare!